Investors FAQ

1When does SOFAME’s fiscal year end?
September 30.
2When and where will SOFAME hold its next Annual Shareholders Meeting?
The Annual and Special Meeting of the Shareholders is held within six months of the fiscal year-end. The date, time and place are announced on SEDAR and posted on the Company's Website.
3Who is SOFAME’s transfer agent?
Canadian Stock Transfer Corporation.
4Who are SOFAME’s auditors?
Brunet, Roy, Dubé S.E.N.C.R.L.
5Where can one find information on SOFAME’s executive and director compensation program?
The Management Information Circular filed on SEDAR contains this information.
6Does SOFAME’s Board of Directors include any independent directors?
Sofame's Directors are typically all unrelated or independent.
7Where can I buy common shares of SOFAME?
SOFAME’s common shares trade on The TSX Venture Exchange ("TSX-V") under the symbol "SDW".
8Does SOFAME have a dividend policy?
Not currently. All cash is reinvested in the Corporation’s operations.
9How can one obtain a copy of SOFAME’s Annual & Quarterly reports?
They are both available on SOFAME’s website in the Financial Information section or can be retrieved on the SEDAR website at
10How can one obtain a copy of SOFAME’s filings with SEDAR?
They can be accessed from our website in the Financial information section or directly on SEDAR’s website at
11How can one find the price of SOFAME’s stock on a specific day?
You can find the price of SOFAME’s stock on many different financial websites by using the ticker symbol “SDW” on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV: SDW)