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Percomax® Direct-Contact Water Heater

Up to 100% fuel efficiency, flue gas temperatures as low as 50° F (10°C)

The PERCOMAX TM is a "DIRECT-CONTACT", natural gas fired, water heater which is designed to heat water to temperatures as high as 185°F (85°C).


In a PERCOMAX TM combustion occurs in a fully modulating, integrated gas burner. Cold water enters the unit at the top and is then uniformly distributed over the upper surface of a packing of stainless steel nodules which constitutes the heat transfer zone. The water percolates down through the packing where it comes in "direct-contact" with the rising, hot products of combustion. Both the sensible and latent heat contained in the gas are transferred to the water. The products of combustion are generated by a fully modulating, integrated, natural gas burner.

The heated water collecting at the bottom of the unit is then pumped directly to the process, or across a plate and frame heat exchanger to transfer its energy to a building heating loop or process fluid.
All wetted components and materials, including the unit's shell and the packing, are entirely fabricated of stainless steel, and are covered by a 5 year guarantee.
Domestic water heating, hydronic (space) heating, fresh air heating (via glycol loop), boiler make-up water pre-heating, and process water heating.
The PERCOMAX TM is available in capacities varying from 1 to 50 million BTU/hr (300 to 15,000 kW). If you require greater capacity, contact SOFAME.
  • Very high efficiencies; up to 100% (based on HHV).
  • Maximum flue gas temperatures no more than 10°F (5.5°C) greater than cold water temperature at inlet.
  • Minimum maintenance required.
  • Reduced emission of atmospheric pollutants.
  • No supervision required (unit is not classed as a pressure vessel).
  • Rapid unit start-up (instantaneous hot water production).
  • Can be installed outside.
  • Industrial.
  • Commercial.
  • Institutional